Agility Master 3 in 1

Agility Master 3 in 1

Goalgetter's first agility product is the Agility Master 3 in 1. A unique combination with three functions to improve your footwork and your coordination and pace in detail. To save time and energy and avoid irritations from athletes we designed this Goalgetter innovation. 

The Agility Master can be set up in three different set ups with endless exercises. 

  • Agility ladder: create different set ups with all 8 agility rings, like a horizontal ladder or two rows with four rings next to each other. Step into the ring from horizontal, vertical and diagonal movements in endless ways of exercises. This set up will improve your skills in all the necessary ways to master your agility skills! 
  • Hurdles: each ring can be turned into hurdles by switching the black connectors. By using the hurdles you will improve your agility as well as jumping power and speed.
  • Hurdleladder: If we can't be crazy enough we combine both set ups. To save time and energy but the most important: to develop your skills faster. Through the combination of strength and coordination athletes can handle more and will develop faster. This makes you last longer then your opponent.

A solution like this is a hallmark of Goalgetter and hopefully you develop faster because of this revelation. Goalgetter designs equipment to create more ease and functions for clients, to push a faster development and more fun. Unique solutions without the hassle of setting up. 

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