Goalgetter Alpha

Goalgetter Alpha

The Goalgetter Alpha is the newest product on earth! Made and tested by professionals. The Alpha is the flagship product from Goalgetter, which is the first innovation in our Football Range.

The 5 in 1 product consists of 5 different ways to become a complete player to dominate the pitch!

Goalgetter Alpha games

How to use the flick
Take distance of 2 meters in front of the big rebound net. Pass the ball towards the net and make sure you catch the ball with your feet before the bounce! 

How to use the rebound
Take a distance of 1 meter in front of the big or low net and pass the ball alternatively with your left and right. Avoid the bounce when you use the big net, and make sure your body positioning is right when you switch using your left and right feet.

How to play Goalpong  
The newest game in the world to beat your opponent or to set a record together! Goalpong is made to play two different games. 

Alternatily services, so try to steal your opponents serve by getting a point! 
First player to reach 9 points wins, you always play 3 sets in total. Players lose a point when the ball hit outside of the field, the net on your side or when it hit a pole. 

Both players choose one side of the pitch. The ball may bounce once on your side and players are obligated to hit the ball twice, all the time! Then count the amount of times you hit the ball towards eachother. 

Goalgetter Goalpong

How to chip
Remove the big rebound net, replace it with the targetnet and start practising your chipping accuracy!

Goalgetter Chipping net


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