Are you a Goalgetter?

Are you a Goalgetter?

Goalgetter is a sports equipment brand which designs equipment for all athletes. Goalgetter started in 2020 to explore the possibility if we could create new innovations to ensure more ease and functionalities for different types of athletes. Without the need to purchase two products we want to create combined smart innovations. 

With a passion for sports and innovations we search for the best combinations while we test everything together with players, trainers and companies. It's important to test every single sports product with our audience. Whether it are young or adult or grassroots or pro players, each voice helps developing the best sports equipment.

The first product to launch, our flagship product, is going to be the Goalgetter Alpha. One of the first in our range which allows players to train their passing, first touch and receiving. A 5 in 1 product to become a very complete player where you just need one bag to set up your training drill. When and wherever you want. 

After launching our newest football training equipment we are going to launch our All Athletes Range. A range full of agility materials for all types of athletes. 



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