About us

The Goal
Goalgetter is a sports equipment brand, originated from the Netherlands, and started in 2020. With the goal to help athletes with a quicker development from a different approach.

After years of selling through our retail football shop and hours of training with different types of sports equipment we decided to create our own sports brand and products. We want to inspire the world with different types of training methods to create more ease, functions and fun for athletes. Which should result in a quicker development of their skills.

By creating Goalgetter products with more functions players are able to use different types of exercises to train different skills and muscles with the same product. For example: instead of buying three different products to improve your agility skills we create one product including three different combinations. To save time and money, what causes for more fun and quicker results. 

Goalgetter Lab
Goalgetter training equipment arises from the Goalgetter Lab, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We have our own spot in ICHIEVE FC, an high tech indoor football location in Rotterdam South. Which is also part of Sports Innovation Partner.

With this fantastic place we have the opportunity to speak with football minded people, to have the products tested by players and to ask trainers their opinion so that we remain relevant and join todays needs from athletes. This allows us to meet expectations, latest trends and contemporary training ways from athletes and coaches. 

Each Goalgetter product has been rigorously tested with all stakeholders. 

All Athletes Range & Football Range
We design our equipment and place it in one of our ranges. We mainly focus on Goalgetter equipment to improve skills like agility and strength, where we focus on other things in our Football Range. Namely passing, first touch, reaction and accuracy. 



Goalgetter Office & Lab

Koperslagerstraat 6, 3077MD, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 22:00 pm
Saturday, 8:30am - 22:00 pm
Sunday, 8:30am - 19:00 pm

Feel free to get in touch with us

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